Richard Brockmeyer

Wine Industry Investment Consulting

30+ Years of Creating and Enhancing World-Class Vineyard and Wine Estates


The terms of engagement for professional services may be structured in a variety of ways. Common arrangements are outlined below. These typical structures can be altered to fit a specific assignment.
A consultation is typically briefer in nature than a defined project. This telephone or on-site session might focus on specific, time-sensitive client topics. A formal report is not included, although a letter report may be appropriate. Expert witness, court testimony or transaction reviews are also consultation type projects.
This is the most common working relationship. A specific goal for the assignment is defined with significant input from the client. A detailed scope of the project is then agreed to with the client. A written report usually is a part of the assignment. Professional services can be provided on an hourly basis or a fixed amount for the specific project. The minimum for a fixed amount assignment is typically $3,000. A portion of the fee is due at the time of engagement.
Mr. Brockmeyer is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and can provide all of the services allowed with that license. Affiliations in Oregon and Washington provides a similar scope of services in those states.
In addition to the professional service fee, the client will reimburse all direct expenses incurred in performing the assignment. This can include travel, communication and supplies. It may also include reimbursement for third party professional services. Third party assistance is always approved by the client prior to engagement.
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