Engagement Terms
Engagement terms are specialized to each project. A thorough scoping of the project, and exploration of the client's goals provide the foundation for positive results.
Redneck Briefs
If you have attended one of Brock's seminars, you will recall that homage is paid to his Kern County roots. If you must, some of the crowd favorite Redneck slides....
Richard Brockmeyer
Richard Brockmeyer

Wine Industry Investment Consulting

30+ Years of Creating and Enhancing World-Class Vineyard and Wine Estates
Seminars and Presentations
As is evident throughout this site, vineyard land acquisition and development entails many disciplines. Adding the winery side of the business takes the complexity even higher. A network of experienced specialists has been built up over 30+ years in this business. The appropriate experts are tapped for each specific property/project.
Brock's voyage to Wine Industry Investment Consulting was agriculture-based early on -- as the son of an ag teacher at Bakersfield High School. Mom's growing up on a table and raisin grape farm outside of Fresno might suggest some vineyard in the bloodline. As with many careers, the route was not pre-planned. Although the Future Farmers of America poultry judging days did not lead to the wine industry, they did provide skills that would be utilized. If you think ranking a group of wines and explaining your reasoning is challenging, imagine doing it with a group of laying hens and giving your oral "reasons" to a stranger!

The closest to a single event that led to the vineyard/wine business path: answering a hand written 3X5 card on the Summer Jobs bulletin board at the Stanford Business School in 1974. The Biography fills in some of the route between the Future Farmers and the present.
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~ "Agricultural Investment In The United States", American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Convention (2008).
~ "Vineyard Land Acquisition And The Winegrape Cycle", UCC Vineyard Economics Seminar.
~ Stanford Graduate School of Business, Guest Lecturer.
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~ California State University, San Luis Obispo, Guest Lecturer.
~ University of California, Davis, Guest Lecturer.
~ "Grape Grief! Finding The Bottom Of The Market Cycle", Wine Business Monthly (with Tony Correia).
More Specifics.
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~ Global Warming and Premium Winegrape Production.
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