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Wine Brands
WIIC consulting assignments have directly or indirectly launched wine brands. These will be featured in the April 15 update of our website.
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2008 speaking engagements have included the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, and The Best Practices For Owning & Operating A Winery Seminar.
Richard Brockmeyer

Wine Industry Investment Consulting

30+ Years of Creating and Enhancing World-Class Vineyard and Wine Estates
Vineyard Land Acquisition
Vineyard land acquisition projects have ranged from creating a large, institutional-owned multi-state portfolio, to finding the perfect property for a family desirous of entering the business. Two examples:

"Brock" was responisble for acquiring 27 properties for Premier Pacific Vineyards for their creation of the largest high-end vineyard development portfolio ($300,000,000 total capitalization). The client: PPV and their joint venture partner, a large pension fund desirous of investing in agricultural real estate. The assignment: Purchase vineyard development land to create a diversified portfolio of properties in the highest quality growing regions of
Vineyard Feasibility ~~ Climate
An individual landowner owned 32,000 acres straddling the Sonoma-Mendocino County borders. The land is primarily timberland near the coast. Publicity about surrounding AVA’s successes has the timber-oriented owner wondering whether vineyards are feasible on this land. After initial exploration/screening, the assignment was scoped for the following: (1) Extensive on-site and off-site temperature gathering program, to ascertain (a) Degree Day compatibility for winegrapes and (b) probable varietal choices for 20 sub-areas of the property; (2) a slope analysis to estimate the magnitude of physically plantable areas; and (3) creation of an extensive vineyard development and management plan for a Timberland Conversion Permit application. The plan included sources and uses of water, labor, transportation impact, and potential local economic impacts.

Assignment results: (1) the slope analysis and multi-year temperature program verified vineyard feasibility, and suggested varietal matches for sub-areas of the property; (2) with this “data proof”, a portion of the property was sold to a vineyard industry buyer, at values considerably elevated from the property’s prior timberland value.
Lender Security Analysis
For a major long-term lender for farmland: A vineyard land portfolio review of lands securing a significant loan. The analysis focused on the physical assets, as well as the market in which the grapes operated. The current supply-demand situation for this winegrape segment provided the "base" market environment. The current and probable future trend for the winegrape price cycle provided the outlook for the next few years.
A client was referred for assistance in finding a vineyard development property that was to also be a west coast family gathering place. Like many potential clients, they had done some property searching on their own -- almost always starting in the famous Napa Valley. Land price "sticker shock" hits most in Napa, and often carries over into Sonoma County. Our joint search was designed to give the client an idea of the land values between coastal wine regions throughout California, their respective wine cultures and each community's culture. After flirting with many properties, a walnut orchard in the Adelaida District of West Paso Robles was acquired.
California, Oregon and Washington.
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