Wine Region Expertise

Climate Differences
Between Regions
A site's climatic traits, primarily temperature patterns, play a major role in which grape varietals will do best on a particular site. Differences within a region or AVA can vary significantly.
Regional Land
Value Comparison
Vineyard land values between regions can vary by a factor of 100. Values within a region can vary by 3 or 4 times.
Napa Valley provided Richard's starting point in the winegrape business. The industry has progressed amazingly since the 1975 purchase and development of the "Diamond Mountain Ranch". Napa continues its leadership position among all of America's wine regions.
Sonoma County's eight distinct winegrowing areas present the most diverse weather range of all well-known wine regions. One can choose from “on the edge” of ripening in the Western Sonoma Coast ridges, to the warm Region III upper Valleys of Dry Creek or Alexander.
Mendocino's cool climate Anderson Valley has been the quality and recognition leader for Mendocino County's various growing regions. Higher elevation, inland regions will garner their rightful recognition in the near future.
San Luis Obispo
This region's old, surviving vines of pre-prohibition have been joined by major vineyard developments over the last 30 years. This relatively new region continues to evolve as to which varieties will become famous from the region. Rhones may be taking the lead.
Santa Barbara
Like much of the Central Coast, a "newer" California winegrowing region that is gaining recognition as its sub-regions begin to perfect their respective best varietal/soil/climate matches -- Santa Rita Hills, Santa Ynez and Santa Maria.
Away from the "bright lights" of California's wine regions, the Willamette Valley and Columbia River area have crafted a world-class reputation for its Pinot Noirs. Pinot Gris is being joined by a reborn Oregon Chardonnay as the signature white wines. Artisan winemakers have raised the bar mightily over the last decade.
Far removed from Seattle in the southeast of the state, the Washington vineyard scene has been slow to evolve at the highest quality levels. As with Oregon, the varied artisan winemakers have thrust Washington wines rapidly into the highest quality echelons. The thriving destination wine scene around Walla Walla has provided a visitors' focal point.
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